Friday, July 3, 2009

Expecting again, Due in 2010!!

This pictures was taken 9 days before I had Eliza.
Yes, we are expecting again and really excited. We decided it was time to start announcing since we've been to 2 Dr. appointments and everything is looking and sounding good. Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions during pregnancy:
*How far along are you? 12 Weeks today
*How are you feeling? I've only thrown up because I had the flu a month ago. I've felt pretty good compared to my last 2 pregnancies. I'm really tired and I'm on a good nap routine with the kids.
*When are you due? January 16th 2010. This means I will have 3 kids under 3 for one month before Eliza turns 3.
*Who's your Dr.? Dr. Samra and the Lourdes clinic right by our house!!! *Have you had any cravings? I could eat cereal any time of the day. My stomach is not okay with fast food.
*Are you going to find out the gender? Yes.
*Do you want a girl or boy? The only reason I want a girl is so Eliza's baby clothes will be the right size for the right season. Otherwise I would love a girl or boy!!
NOTE to my family: If any of you fall inlove promise me you will wait until after the baby is born to get married, I've already been huge and pregnant for 2 weddings.