Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Three Years!

Happy Anniversary Daniel. These really have been the best three years of my life! There has been nothing but smiles since!

Monday, December 15, 2008

roll over porter


WCP is back

Eliza insists on holding Porter's hand during every car ride. After eating lunch with Dad on Thursday we pulled into our garage and this is what I saw.

This is Eliza's "holding Porter" Face. She grins from ear to ear with her head back. Utter Joy. (while Porter is chewing her hand off)

This is my cute Half Notes Music class (5-7 years old). We had a cookies and milk rehearsal last Tuesday. We decorated them and ate them AFTER we sang. We will be performing at the From the Heart Care Center tomorrow!
This is my Whole Notes Class (8-11 years old).

Monday, December 8, 2008

6 months old and time for a haircut

(Eliza got a trim too, I'll have to post pictures of that later.)

Eliza came into the family room in this get-up saying "Hey Dude". She loves to dress up and wear our shoes around the house. She has on Dad's Tiger Wood's hat and one of Mommy's boots. What class!

I wasn't going to start Porter on solids for another month or so, but he pouts big time when he sees us eating, so we fed him some oatmeal a few nights this week and he loved it.

Imagine you are going about 70 mph down the freeway after a day at work and you hear this loud pop noise and the next thing you see is glass flying everywhere. This is what happened to Daniel on Thursday. The window on the Driver's side for no obvious reason at all exploded. Nothing hit it, it wasn't abnormally cold. It is a mystery, but all fixed now and we are just grateful that Daniel wasn't hurt and was able to keep driving safely through the incident. Random!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Great Gobble Day

We had a great gobble day! Thanks Michael and Jenny for coming up! They spoiled us with gifts for the kids and making us a french dinner...yumm!