Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Andrew - 2 MONTHS

Chubby Happy Baby lives here. He's now over 12 lbs. & 23 in. He loves attention and is already trying to have little cooing conversations!  We love our little Andrew!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eliza's Got a Hole in Her Head

Eliza lost her tooth Saturday morning. It was more than ready, but she was a little bit anxious about the thoughts of Dad pulling it out, so all week we were patient. Her permanent teeth are already coming through and the dentist said that if we didn't pull them it could affect how they come in. All week we bribed her with things and teased Eliza and said we would buy a trampoline as soon as it was out. So Eliza sat on Dad's lap and there was some squealing, but as soon as it was out she said, "Now we can buy a trampoline?" So Dad being true to his word bought and set up a trampoline. That is some Tooth Fairy gift!

Easter Sunday

 The kids in their Easter clothes and on the new trampoline, with the new fence behind them too. Daniel's little Spring Break project :)