Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Years

While Daniel & I were engaged he was building homes down in Blanding and would call me every night when he got home. He told me the words to a song he had heard while working one day. He said they were "I love you half as much as I did yesterday and twice as much as I will tomorrow" He realized he said it wrong and we had a good laugh about it. At that time, you could not have convinced me that I would love my husband 5X as much as I did then, but I really do. These five years have been stuffed full of amazing experiences that we've shared together. Daniel has taught me so much about loving others, forgiving, learning to laugh at myself and at all the things that happen in marriage and parenthood. He's loved me when I've been hard to love, hugged me when I was huge and hard to hug, and been cheerful through it all. I love this man and feel so blessed he is mine and has been for the last 5 YEARS!
Happy Anniversary Daniel!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Disco

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