Friday, October 31, 2008

My first Tag

10 Things I love:
1 - Life
2 - My Family (Daniel, Eliza and Porter)
3 - Laughing- I heard a joke today:
A man got a phone call from his Dr., the Dr. said "Do you want the bad news or the worse news first?" The man said the bad news. The Dr. told him, "You have 24 hrs. to live." The man said, "What could be worse than that?" The Dr. said "I tried to call you yesterday."

4 - Music (singing to Broadway songs and singing to my kids)
Check out these guys, I love their music!

5 - Scriptures- I treasure nap time, it is "me" time where I can sit and ponder about important things. Since school started I have made it my Scripture study time. I love it!! (I realize this is a luxury and to not take it for granite!)
6 - Family History- go here and start to love it yourself!
7 - Sleeping the whole night through.
8 - Being a Mother- I love the opportunity we as women have of raising and rearing children, it has truly been a blessing in my life! My children bring me so much joy!
9 -Seeing Family (only 50 days until our Utah Trip!)
10 - My Savior who has been through everything so He can comfort and support not only me, but all of us!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween Week!

"The Ghosts are out on Halloween,
the Witches coming too!
So keep a watchful eye tonight,
If you don't they might get you!
-Lucie Gibbons
Halloween time is so fun! Daniel has two kids in his classes whose Dad owns a mortuary and this year was the 4th annual Halloween Dance there for the seminary kids. Friends from other seminaries came too. It was a real hoot!
The Black Beard Pirates and their Parrot Porter

Our favorite costume of the night. Chaz was an alien detector and he stayed in character the whole night.

RIP Brother Black
this is a real casket that had real flowers on it and a real mummy, JK, with Daniel's face on it. They had it in the viewing room, hilarious!)

A bunch of the seminary kid's costumes, the kid holding up the cross was struck by lightening right after the picture was taken.

Eliza had a bad bonk, thank goodness it didn't brake the skin.

Weekly Cuddle Picture=WCP

Make sure to see the Movie of Eliza below!


Eliza found a new friend today in the mirror, she was fascinated by her. I know only I can understand most of what she is saying, but she sings the whole "Sid the science kid" song at one point. She has an amazing memory. My sister Nannies taught Eliza to go "Mmm...Question" and raise her hand like she is a student in Daniel's classroom. This one's for you Nannies!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Posts within a Post

I feel like my posts should be divided and organized into subject, but I do a week's worth at a time, so there are many a subject within the post. So enjoy the posts within the post for the week.
The Beautiful Place We Live:
We love this beautiful place we live! There is a Park about 8 minutes from our house that we have loved going to. It is right on the Columbia River and it just feels like the air is better there. The playgrounds are fantastic too. We adventured there on Friday before Dad got home.
Eliza had a blast with these chains.
She made it.
Porter loves being outside too!

Goodbye to a good pair of shoes!
I had to throw these away on Saturday as we were cleaning and putting away spring and summer stuff. These were Eliza's first walking shoes that we bought her. We went on many walks around the McKay Dee Hospital, the Beus Park Pond, and the duck pond by our old Apartment. She apparently wore them right out. I am sentimental so I had a hard time throwing them away!

We also planted a raspberry bush on Saturday. Our adopted grandma here, Sister Schoonover, already had some raspberry bushes and asked if we wanted one. We are planning on planting a garden here next spring so she came over and helped us plant it. Now I should probably read up on raspberry plants, and gardens! Any garden gurus out there with advice would be much appreciated!
Cuddle Pic of the Week
I think I'm addicted to cuddly pictures like this. Maybe it's because it is the only time Eliza will sit still for a picture.
The End
almost, Eliza loves to say "The End" when we are done reading books, sometimes we only get through the second page and she says it. I guess it is her way of saying moving on now mom. Now really The End.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy or Sad

As a mom I am always looking for the perfect picture moment. I don't always get them, but I think the pictures are still fun to keep and look at whether the kids are happy or sad.
Eliza Happy
Eliza Sad
I took the pacifier away for that "perfect picture" so Eliza was sad!

Porter Happy
Porter Sad

The Southridge vs. Pasco Football game. We won 10-7. It's getting colder, but it wasn't too bad for the game!

Eliza walking in mommy's shoes (she does this all the time with daddy's shoes too).

Monday, October 6, 2008

Can you teach a baby to laugh...

Porter is the happiest baby! He is soo ticklish too. He just doesn't know how to laugh. I will tickle his legs or under his cheeks and all he can do is scream. I looked at Eliza's baby calendar and she was giggling by 3 months, Porter is 10 days away from being 4 months so I'm sure he will learn how any day now!

This is a very cuddly bunch!

We like food!

Sometimes it feels as if our life revolves around food. As Bruce Willis puts it in the movie Over the Hedge, "Animals eat to live and humans live to eat"! Eliza has always preferred eating her crackers and cookies vertically instead of horizontally. More messy and difficult, but she likes it!

Here is naughty Eliza after Spaghetti night, Daniel said she looks like an Umpaloompa.

This is a conference weekend tradition: Crepes! We always did it in my family growing up (and they still do) so we tried to carry it on. We missed the Nutella!! Daniel is an excellent crepe maker!

The crepes were good, but General Conference was definitely more satisfying!