Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Card Family Pics

My amazing friend has done it again, she took our family pictures last Saturday and the kids were really good. It helped that I had some leverage with the lolly pops. Excited to start on the Christmas cards now!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011

We were Toy Story Characters this year. I put together the costumes for very inexpensive compared to what the online prices were. It was all mostly made out of Fun Foam. The only picture we got of all of us was at our Trunk or Treat, so hopefully that turned out!

After our Trunk or Treat I was combining all the candy and found a leaf. Then Daniel told me that someone had a chest of candy and fall leaves and you had to dig through the leaves to find the candy. Daniel was helping Jesse choose a piece of candy, but he didn't want it, he wanted  the leaf. Just one more reason why I love little kids, they love & appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life. So I think my favorite treat they got was the leaf too!

October Happenings

My boys (and Eliza) love to take off their shirts and play "Nacho" and wrestle... most times it ends in tears.

Day before Elder Draper went home. It was the same day we found out the gender of our baby #4. We told the kids what gender it was by sonic slushies. One red for Eliza, Blue for Porter and Jesse and the 4th slushy was...BLUE!

We went to the circus with some friends and during intermission Porter took pics

Pumpkin Painting Family Night

Kids wearing their cute Halloween shirts from Mimi

Caught Porter mid-yawn, but we made Frankenstein Faces for letter F preschool and the boys all did such a cute job!