Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Marriage Birthday!

 Happy 6th Anniversary to my one and only!
As I was explaining to Eliza what an anniversary was yesterday, I told her it was like a birthday of when we got married. Being married is like a rebirth of a life, instead of me and mine, everything turned into us and ours Forever! I'm so grateful I've got this life with him forever!

Late last night I had just finished cutting Daniel's hair, he had just jumped in the shower and I was cleaning up in the kitchen when I heard pounding at the door. It scared me to death! I thought we were going to have a break in or something. I didn't answer and went and hid in the room. 3 minutes later, the same pounding on the door. 5 minutes later again it came. Finally Daniel went to the door and saw his seminary students quickly driving away in their car. They had decorated our porch with hearts and streamers. The seminary council organized all of the periods of seminary to write us happy anniversary notes. It was quite a surprise, so thoughtful and I was so glad it wasn't a robber or killer :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello & Goodbye

HELLO: Mums. They finally bloomed in late November and we knew the -2 degree at night was going to kill them, but we came back from our Utah trip to these beautiful full flowers.

GOODBYE: Blue Denim Couches. We received you from some friends the week before Eliza was born when we moved into our new apartment. They came to us in pretty good, but tired condition and have seen a lot in our little home. They have become so nasty and I was done scrubbing them and washing off crayons, chocolate, milk, desitine, etc. Little tear, big smile "goodbye"!

Notice the brown couches in the much better! We are getting excited for Christmas and starting the craft projects already :) Jesse looks mad, but that is his "cheese" smile.