Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This was the day after Thanksgiving, it was beautiful outside! So we took advantage of it and went to the park. It was so fun to see Eliza and Porter so independent on the playground!

A little girl in one of my singing groups asked me why the one on the end was blank...
we seriously cannot decide on a name for baby brother.

They love the Christmas tree and ornaments.... a little too much!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A "Moo"velous Halloween

Welcome to Old McDonald's FarmEliza got pretty good at telling everyone what we were going to be for Halloween. She would say: "Eliza be a horsie, Porter be a cow, Momma be a pig and Daddy be a Farmer had a dog." (We've been singing the B-I-N-G-O song and so all farmers have dogs now.) We had a blast at our ward's Halloween carnival night and Trick or Treating on Halloween night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Backyard Pumpkin Patch

Daniel and I had no idea what we were doing with our garden this year, but we were able to get 5 pumpkins out of it before the hard frost a few nights ago. (Eliza wouldn't let the Cheetos bag go for anything, Daddy brought it home as a surprise from work.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bill and the Train

Bill is our good friend from the Southridge Seminary. On Saturdays he volunteers to drive the train at the Columbia Park. The park is right along the river, it was fun.

A Wii little problem

On Labor Day we decided to rent a Wii game from Blockbuster. We brought it home to find out that we could not get the Wii to take it. We emailed the company and they paid for us to send it in. We got it back exactly one week later with this note saying that the following was found inside the Wii. Oops. They still payed for the repair, but said they wouldn't pick up the tab if it happened again. It would have been $75 . We now unplug the Wii and put it up high when it is not in use.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Primary Singing Time

Eliza singing Child of God.

Porter doing the interpretive leg dance to Follow the Prophet (sung by Eliza).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun Dip Fun

This is as exciting as it gets around here. Eliza sharing the fun dip treat she got from the "Paci Fairy". She gave her paci's away and got a treat at the door for them. She asks for her paci when she is sad or tired, but we just remind her she gave them away. Now to get rid of Porter's before baby #3 is here...

Now our pictures are paci free!!

When's Dinner?

You know your kids must be hungry when you see this...

The Family Photographer

Eliza loves finding our camera and has figured out how to snap pictures. She gets a kick out of seeing us on the camera screen. Some of the pictures she's taken are funny because they are pictures I would never take, but little pieces of our life. These are also the only pregnant pictures we have so far...
Porter is about to eat something off the ground...
Making dinner
Porter playing in the kitchen with his car, he likes to drive it up and down the dishwasher.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vinatge Paper Doll Craze

I love paper dolls. I always have. When I was in Jr. High I made a magnet paper doll of myself and all the clothes in my wardrobe. I cut them out, lamenated them and Daniel laughed when he saw them in a zip lock bag, years later, after we were married. Well I just stumbled onto a paper doll gold mine thanks to this site. I immediately printed them off and I plan on spending the rest of my day cutting them out for Eliza (...and me). She'll probably rip them up, but I hope she loves them like I do!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eliza's new hobby

She's been doing this lately
So I made her this...

This blog has an amazing tutorial, and I love the velcro waistband!!

A "Hoppy" Birthday

Daniel is a GREAT father! When we got back from Utah it was a challenge getting the kids to sleep in their own beds again. Danie came up with a story about a frog named Hopper, and he used a golf ball to be the hopping frog that would bounce from Eliza's bed to her head. She loved it and they both are sleeping great in their beds. What does this have to do with Daniel's birthday? Well, Eliza and I decided to paint some golf balls green and turn them into "Hoppers". We gave them to Daniel to decorate his Seminary Office with. I also made Daniel a book. It was a great relaxing birthday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a...

We are so excited to have another boy. Porter was such a good baby, we hope this little guy takes after his older brother!! These were the best pictures the technician got. We'll take any name suggestions!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel

Daniel will turn {25} tomorrow! I picked this picture because it is Daniel all the way, smiling through adversity. He is always happy! We love you so much Dad!!
More pictures of birthday fun to come...

P.S. We find out the gender of our baby on Monday @ 4:00. Get your guesses in.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Porter, Porter Zucchini Hoarder

We were only gone for 9 days. Our zucchini's were not that big when we left for Utah, but now they are the size of little slugger baseball bats. I've made bread, lazagna, and even some zucchini babies, any suggestions on what to do with them now?

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Among many of the fun things we did while we were in Utah, we went to the Open House for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was beautiful and so neat! The last temple Open House I remember going through was the Bountiful temple, and I think that was clear back in 1993. This was definitely a high light of our trip!

Our Silly Girl

Eliza loves to give kisses. Last Saturday she was giving Daniel and I some good kisses, and after one that was especially wet I wiped my mouth and said, "Ooh, that one was slobbery!" Eliza said "Yeah, slobbery shortcake". You see we had just finished watching Strawberry Shortcake on the Saturday morning cartoons earlier that day. So now we sing the theme song like this "Slob-b-b-b-berry, Slobberry Shortcake".

She was smiling so silly for these pictures, by the end I was cracking up.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Expecting again, Due in 2010!!

This pictures was taken 9 days before I had Eliza.
Yes, we are expecting again and really excited. We decided it was time to start announcing since we've been to 2 Dr. appointments and everything is looking and sounding good. Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions during pregnancy:
*How far along are you? 12 Weeks today
*How are you feeling? I've only thrown up because I had the flu a month ago. I've felt pretty good compared to my last 2 pregnancies. I'm really tired and I'm on a good nap routine with the kids.
*When are you due? January 16th 2010. This means I will have 3 kids under 3 for one month before Eliza turns 3.
*Who's your Dr.? Dr. Samra and the Lourdes clinic right by our house!!! *Have you had any cravings? I could eat cereal any time of the day. My stomach is not okay with fast food.
*Are you going to find out the gender? Yes.
*Do you want a girl or boy? The only reason I want a girl is so Eliza's baby clothes will be the right size for the right season. Otherwise I would love a girl or boy!!
NOTE to my family: If any of you fall inlove promise me you will wait until after the baby is born to get married, I've already been huge and pregnant for 2 weddings.