Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snowed In

 We were snowed in last week and we loved the days we got to spend with Daniel! He has started his second to last semester of his Master's Degree and gone nights doing school and homework. Everything was canceled and we just had time together!

A dream Daniel has had since High School is to someday own a kiln and a pottery wheel. We didn't think this was a possibility for a long while, but someone gave us a kiln this summer and Daniel found a wheel for a great price and we picked it up after Thanksgiving Break when we went down to Utah. He's quite artsy fartsy now and I love the things he's created! Not all of them have worked out after being fired in the kiln, but here are some of the things he's made:
 He made plates for the kids to paint. We made stencils for them and glazed them last week. They love eating off of them!
 He's made these gorgeous vases and dishes. I love the way they look un-glazed too. The clay is grayish, then when it is fired it turns white and I love it!

 We had fun with the glazes! Daniel said the blue &red splotchy one looks like the sick witch on Sword and the Stone. 
This is a project that I did for a Relief Society activity. It is our family tree. The tags have the names of our family tree members. I want to get their pictures on there too, eventually. The branch was  pruned from our peach tree and I love it's perfect shape!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jesse is 2!!

Jan. 9th 2010 -just 2 short years ago- we were in the hospital with this baby. I can't believe he's already 2!!

We love this boy! His spunk, his sweetness. He loves puzzles, balls, trains, cars, coloring...pretty much anything that Eliza and Porter like. He's right beside them all day and is so sad when they go to pre-school! Daniel jokes that I should make him a coat of many colors because he's everyone's favorite person in the family! He's so quick to share, hug and say sorry! He pretty much potty trained himself! Love this boy!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Fun

Went to Beaver Bark to see the Reindeer and Santa

Christmas Eve - Nativity

Christmas Eve - Snowman Attire

Christmas Sunday