Saturday, August 4, 2012

Porter is 4!

I'm finally getting around to posting Porter's 4th Birthday! He had an Angry Birday Party, and it was a real hoot!

Boys playing Pop the Pig, we also had Angry Bird dodge ball, Don't Drop the Egg relay, Bird Toss with clothespins and pom-poms.

 Things Porter Loves:
Toys, any toy really, but cars, airplanes, dragons, animals, trains, legos, transformers, avengers - He's all boy!
Pizza, Doritos, COOKIES, watermelon, pineapple
The color Green
He loves his extended family, he always talks about when he can go see them!
He has the softest cheeks ever and if you are lucky, he'll let you kiss them. But you have to be a girl and be pretty!
He loves to pray and help Jesse say the prayer. Just last night he said, "Please bless mom that she won't be a girl or a muppet, just a mom."
I have been Porter's primary teacher/preschool teacher for over a year and I have loved that time spend with him and being able to understand him a little better through his 3 yr old phase. I look forward to this next year with him too! We love you Ports!

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Kaye and Matthew Hough said...

What an adorable post. We LOVE Porter. It was so fun to spend time with your beautiful family. Keep bloggin'! :)